Longshot Vinyl Lounge

Longshot Vinyl

We’re excited to announce our collaboration with Perennial Soaps!
Now our customers will be able to buy their favorite handmade soaps, locally crafted and designed gifts, vintage and new vinyl records all in one shop.
We will be working through September on our shared space at 316-6th Street and plan to announce a grand reopening date for early October.
Though we will be closing down our event space, you can still order from our web store or contact us by messaging our Facebook or Instagram accounts or by email while we move to our new space. You will still be able to pick your order by appointment.
Thank you for your kindness and patience while we navigate these changes. As soon as it is safe again to do so, we hope to partner up with our friends and fellow local business owners to bring you the events you loved at Longshot. We’ve missed the live music, art shows and music discussions as much as you have.
We know running a local independent record shop is a longshot but our aim is true.